Wish List


Help us make our dreams a reality ‘Hevana’ building project We dream of having a center of our own. A building of our own custom designed to suit our students needs will mean our students would get a better experience, not have to get used to a new place every two years and we will…

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Sponsor a Family


At E.A.S.E., we are an organization that provides all our services free of charge because we want to serve families who have the dual challenges of being from low-income households and meeting the needs of a family member with a disability. We are happy that we can give a small allowance to the neediest families…

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Employment Project


Our goal is to create an employment center where people with and without disabilities can work together with equal authority, combating the thinking that a person with disability has less to contribute. As a pilot project, our older students have painted kitchen stools and created unique handicrafts. Employment is not only essential for our self-esteem,…

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Educating Parents


One of our key features is that we educate our students’ parents to be effective and understanding as it is critical that they understand their child. Understanding your children is an important part of parenting and this is even more vital when it comes to a disabled child. Teachers and parents are an essential part…

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Success Stories


Priyantha (name changed) was eight years old when he came to us. Significantly affected by cerebral palsy, he had been in a special education unit in a government school but had no means of communication and even his parents thought he was not intelligent. We started him on our communication program based on whole word…

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Courageous Mothers


“It will take courage to believe in the abilities of a person while everyone else only sees his disabilities. To go on believing after many failures will also take courage.” Chandima Rajapatirana, E.A.S.E. Co-Founder/Co-President Our parents need courage to deal with their child’s challenges and to deal with the challenges that they experience from society.…

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News & Events


E.A.S.E. has been recognized in the media by entities such as TIME magazine and the Global Fund for Children. Learn more about E.A.S.E. Foundation by browsing some of the articles below.     Gratiaen Prize – Shortlisted Authors (2016)   Life Online – Annasi & Kadalagotu Lit. Fest (April 2016)   Business Line – Blink…

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‘Hear Me Now’ was played at the United Nations Headquarters to mark the International Day for People with Disabilities.