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Help us make our dreams a reality

‘Hevana’ building project

We dream of having a center of our own. A building of our own custom designed to suit our students needs will mean our students would get a better experience, not have to get used to a new place every two years and we will not be spending our limited resources on rent.

Our dream building would have:

  • A sensory room
  • A vocational centre
  • A playground
  • An artist studio
  • A hall for workshops and social events

A coffee shop

An important step is to teach society that we, people with disabilities, can be good company, and that we can be employed in integrated, inclusive environments. A coffee/tea shop will provide the ideal environment for our often separate worlds to mingle, and learn to respect and like each other.

A coffee shop would provide:

  • Employment for people with varied abilities
  • Wall space for our artists to display their work
  • Open mike nights for our poets and writers to entertain us with their creations

“Eating marvelous meals, sipping a refreshing cup, listening to wonderful poetry or music, surrounded by beautiful paintings, we will relax, and learn to build an integrated community.”
Chandima Rajapatirana, E.A.S.E. Co-Founder/Co-President

How to help

You can donate your time, your talent, your resources or your funds. From volunteering to teach or manage our social media pages to simply spending time dancing with our students, there’s a lot you can offer our Foundation. As a corporate or individual, donations of land or buildings towards our dream projects would be vastly appreciated.

Monetary donations, large and small, are needed too. You can donate via wire transfer to:

E A S E Foundation

Hatton National Bank

Branch: Thalangama

Account #: 085010011661

Swift code: HBLILKLX

In the U.S. for a tax deductible donation, please make the checks out to CFNCR mentioning E.A.S.E Foundation in the memo line and mail to CFNCR, 8720 Georgia Ave. Suite 202, Silver Spring, MD 20910.

We are a government registered Social Service organisation – Reg No.L-147104. We are audited annually and are committed to transparency and accountability. The E.A.S.E. Board of Trustees and the Co-Founders/Presidents receive no payment for their services.

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