Courageous Mothers


“It will take courage to believe in the abilities of a person while everyone else only sees his disabilities. To go on believing after many failures will also take courage.”

Chandima Rajapatirana, E.A.S.E. Co-Founder/Co-President

Our parents need courage to deal with their child’s challenges and to deal with the challenges that they experience from society. Our support group tries to build this support. Very often parents, especially mothers, come to us feeling discouraged, defeated and depressed. Through individual and group counselling sessions, they learn to see their child in a different way. At our centre, they meet people who accept their child and see their potential.

Many families now stand up for their children when their family members make disparaging comments about them.

A mother shares her experience at an EASE workshop

Sithmi’s (name changed) mother realized that her daughter could learn. So she went to the school’s special education unit and complained to the teacher that he had not been doing his job because all these years he had made her believe that her daughter couldn’t learn and now that she knows she can she wants him to teach her daughter too. When he didn’t listen, she went to the principal, and when that didn’t work, she took it all the way to the district office. This bravery forced the teacher to change his methods.

Manel (name changed) was riding in the bus when she noticed a young woman with autism get on the bus with her mother. The girl was rocking slightly and making some slight sounds and people on the bus were whispering and making comments and making the young woman uncomfortable which escalated her behavior. Manel finally took things in to her own hands and told the entire bus that they should be ashamed of their behavior.

Our mothers learn to stand up not only for their children but for the tribe. They become tribe mothers.